Doctors Are Now Warning People: If You Use Aluminum Foil To Cook, STOP Or It Could Kill You!

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For years now, aluminum foil has been a kitchen staple. If you open up anyone's pantry, you're sure to  find a roll or two of the thin, silver metal. Why is that? Well, because it's a very useful and efficient tool for performing many kitchen and other household jobs. 

Foil is what most people use to cover their casseroles and other oven-ready dishes. However, new research has shown that cooking with aluminum foil could be exposing you to some fairly serious health risks.

In the article below, you'll be presented with a few facts about cooking with aluminum foil. Find out what can happen and then use that information to make your own decisions about whether or not to use foil for yourself. The research can't be any clearer...

In the simplest terms, cooking with aluminum foil is a risk to your health.

The first issue you should be aware of is that aluminum is bad for your brain. It's a neurotoxic heavy metal that's been linked to the disease known as Alzheimer's for years.

Over exposure to this metal can lead to a decline in one's mental health. Anyone exposed to high levels of aluminum through leaching will find that they suffer with coordination, bodily control, memory, and balance. Unfortunately for many people who suffer with aluminum poisoning, the damage is permanent.

In the worst cases, people can experience gaps in memory that can cause a divide to form between them and their loved ones.

Aside from the damage it can do to your brain, cooking with aluminum foil can also adversely affect your bones.

This metal has a tendency to build-up inside of your bones, which is bad because once there it competes with calcium for the space inside of your bones and often it wins out over the essential mineral.

In spite of the fact that an aluminum skeletal frame sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, our bodies are made for facts- not fiction. So, in reality, this just doesn't work well for us.

Calcium is an important mineral that our bodies need to help prevent our bones from breaking if we fall.

Accidentally ingesting aluminum flakes, can cause all sorts of problems. And even though you're not actually consuming a ball of rolled up foil, when you cook with aluminum at high temperatures, parts of the metal are in fact going right into your food.

The truth is, when you cook with aluminum, using high temperatures, this creates cracks in the metal which causes particles to break off in your food.

And even if the minuscule pieces don't break off in your food, chemical leeching of aluminum can occur if you cook with certain spices or if lemons are used when cooking.

A chemical engineering researcher at the American University of Sharjah, named Dr. Essam Zubaidy, has found that just one meal cooked while using tin foil can leach 400 mg of aluminum into the food being prepared. 

"The higher the temperature, the more the leaching. Foil is not suitable for cooking and is not suitable for using with vegetables like tomatoes, citrus juices or spices."

According to The World Health Organization people should not ingest more than 60 mg of aluminum daily.

So remember: If you use aluminum when cooking, you could be putting your health at risk.

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