Despite Slamming His Dog Against The Wall, This Cruel Man Wants His Dog Back

5675 views07 February 2017

This 29-year-old man called Robert LaChance has some serious issues, really. I mean first he slammed his one year old dog against the wall and even mistreated him on two occasions, but now he wants his dog back. For what? So you can continue to show your anger on him? According to Brunswick Police Commander Marc Hagan this was the worst case of animal abuse he had ever investigated in his entire life.

Upon arresting the man, the dog, a Labrador mix called Buddy, was taken to the Coastal Humane Society where the vets realized that the poor pup was also suffering from a fracture in his rear paw. Buddy’s paw could not be saved and the vets had to amputate it during his surgery. Since Buddy was recovering, this man started showing interest in getting his dog back, despite all he’s done to him.

The man will appear before the Cumberland County Court in Portland on May 17th to see if he can get his dog back. I only hope the jury won’t send Buddy back to this man. Share away, people.

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