Deer Forced To Be Euthanized After A Cruel Beast Set Him On Fire In The Woods

1002 views27 February 2017

I may never understand how people can be so cruel. Did they not have parents that taught them to love and respect nature? This deer was found on the side of the road in Rochester, Indiana on February 16. First, the deer was hit by a vehicle. Then the wounded animal was set on fire – he wasn’t dead – he was just set on fire.

The monster first covered the animal with accelerant. Later, a person passing by saw the animal and called for help. Authorities found the poor animal in extreme pain and had to euthanize him. The person responsible for this heinous crime was driving an older model, dark colored sports car – a Camaro, Firebird or Trans-Am.

People with information about this crime are being asked to called the Indiana Conservation Officers’ “Turn in a Poacher” hotline at 1.800.TIP.IDNR or the Fulton County Sheriff at 1.574.223.7867. Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]

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