Deer Wouldn't Let A Man Out Of The Water, Then He Sees What Someone Put On His Horn

7529 views13 September 2016
The diet of deer usually consists of nuts, plants, and fruit. They are herbivores. In the fall, their food supply starts to get scarce so deer will eat grass and evergreen needles. Their winter diet consists of woody plants, bushes, and twigs. Anyone who has a garden knows that deer love to eat vegetables. Some of their favorites are wheat, beans, sweet potatoes, and potatoes. My parents have photos of deer eating bird seed out of the feeder!

To many people, deer are a nuisance because they can destroy flower beds and gardens. The deer in this video seems rather friendly. He finds a guy who is out in the stream and approaches. The deer also has something stuck on his antlers. Once the guy realizes what it is, he can’t believe it and neither will you! You just have to wonder how that ended up on his antler!

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