Deaf Boy Wakes Up To Pit Bull Licking His Face, Then Notices Smoke Pouring In Under Door

220 views23 December 2016

Nick Lamb’s peaceful sleep was abruptly interrupted by his 2-year-old pit bull, Ace, who was licking his face. But Ace wasn’t just begging for attention from his 13-year-old owner — he was actually saving his life.

On July 16, 2014, Nick, who was born deaf, decided to lie down and take a nap. But he was pulled out of his peaceful dreaming when Ace began licking his face. As soon as he opened his eyes, Nick realized something was wrong.

“He woke me up because I couldn’t hear anything, and I was asleep,” Nick says in the video below, gesturing at his cochlear implant, which he had switched off at the time. “And I looked around my room. I smelled smoke, and I could see a little bit of smoke in my room.”

According to Indianapolis Fire Department Captain Rita Reith in an interview with USA Today, Nick “covered his nose and mouth with a T-shirt” and quickly made his way out of the burning house.

The next thing he did was text his mom, Lindsay Bernard. “I went into a little bit of a panic, and I just told him to get out if he wasn’t already,” Lindsay says. “And then I called the fire department myself.”

The fire department arrived to the scene around 1:11 p.m., according to USA Todaybut the fire seared through the house too quickly, causing over $175,000 worth of damage. The authorities speculated that it was electrical.

Though firefighters weren’t able to save the home, they were able to rescue the family’s cat, Pixie!

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