Cruel Woman Who Was Filmed Kicking Her Dog On The Street Now Being Investigated

1912 views11 February 2017

Many cases of animal abuse goes unreported or uncharged because there is sometimes very little evidence to go off of. But in cases where there is video, there’s nothing that these abusers can say to defend themselves. One woman was cleaning her child’s room when she heard yelling and swearing coming from the street.

Concerned with what was going on, she started to film with her cellphone, and she’s glad she did. She captured a woman walking down the street with her dog and some bags in her other arm. She’s captured hitting the dog once, and then kicking it when it’s down. She then grabs the pooch by the neck and drags it before hitting it again.

The footage was handed over to the RSPCA and an investigation has been launched. Let’s hope that we hear some good news soon. Share away, people.

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