Cruel Woman Who Hurled A Puppy Into Heavy Traffic And Killed It, Faces Prison Time

7710 views06 February 2017

When crimes occur, it’s always the innocent that suffer the most. It would be impossible to spare them from these situations, but at least justice can be served when it comes to the perpetrators of these crimes.

In 2014, there was a dispute over a car being parked in a shared driveway, and Haniyyah Barnes went into the neighbor’s home, grabbed her dog, and hurled the animal into traffic. The Shih Tzu named “Honey Bey” was killed from the incident, and a police officer arrested Barnes on the spot because he happened to be in the area and witnessed the crime being committed.

Barnes will face up to four years for her criminal and cruel act, but that’s not going to bring this beloved dog back. It’s devastating that the dog who wasn’t even involved had to become the subject of her anger and lost its life that way. RIP Honey Bey…

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