Cruel Owner Leaves Dog Tied To A Tree During Rising Flood

5671 views 06 February 2017

When the flood waters rise in Louisiana, everyone tries to do their part to stay safe. Flooding is a terrible experience and can leave you feeling stranded. Animals suffer as well, as they no longer have their homes to make them feel safe. But one dog who did have a home wasn’t taken in when the waters started to get higher and higher.

He was tethered to a tree outside, and many people took photos and posted them to social media, hoping that someone would come to the dog’s rescue. The owner, Tendrick Cooper, discovered what was happening to his dog, after stating that the dog was staying with a family member. They were then contacted by the local authorities and the dog was taken inside.

Here’s hoping that they learned a lesson from all of this and will keep their dog inside next time there’s another downpour. Share away, people.

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