Coyotes Had This Family's Cat By The Neck, But Their Pit Bull Had Her Back, What A HERO!!

4947 views09 September 2016
Here's yet another story that does away with the negative stereotypes that Pit Bulls are always labeled with. The Pit Bull in this tale is a genuine hero.

He's a very sweet boy, and his name is Jack. He also happens to be a rescue dog, who lives with a rescue cat named Kitty. When they met they bonded immediately and have been best friends ever since.

In fact, they became so close that Jack would do anything to protect his pal. Even if that means risking his own life to help her.

Once, two coyotes had grabbed hold of Kitty in her backyard. One of them had her by the neck and the other by the tail. When Jack saw what was going on, he tore after them.

Jack knew that he had to rescue his friend from those coyotes, because they were shaking her viciously. He ran as fast and as hard as he could.

Jack managed to get to his dearest friend Kitty in the nick of time to rescue her. Now, he's her own personal guardian angel and he never leaves her side. Their bond is incredible.

This adorable Pit Bull now watches and waits, standing guard outside, ready for any coyotes that might come back to try that again. I highly doubt they will though, Jack takes his job pretty seriously!

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