Coward Security Guard Caught Beating A Harmless Dog To Death With A Stick

5252 views 06 March 2017

The man you see here is a guard at Delhi Technical University. He savagely beat the dog lying on the ground to death with a stick. The dog reportedly had harmed some students and may have had rabies. Ayesha Christina from NGO Neighbourhood Woof reported the incident to police. Students at the university located in Rohini are united.

They want the guard who beat the dog and the person who ordered him to beat the dog arrested. The guard has been identified as Satish Kuman. According to reports, the guards at the school have killed many stray dogs by order of the school administration. The school administration has stated the crime in unpardonable. Graphic video, viewer discretion strongly advised.

It is vile and heartbreaking, you can hear the poor dog crying in pain as the cruel man hits it repeatedly in the head. Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]

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