Couple Arrested After Their Starving Pit Bull Attacks Another Dog To Survive

1654 views01 January 2017

A couple from Alabama, U.S. was arrested on multiple animal cruelty charges in December. Deputies found evidence that their dogs attacked each other out of starvation, leading to the death of one dog.


The pets were found tied up outside the house when authorities arrived on the scene to take custody of the couple’s 4-year-old child. Quinton Eugene Mathis and Ashley Nicole Mathis had allegedly abandoned their house three weeks ago, leaving their dogs chained up without food or water.

Henry County Sheriff’s Lt. James S. Culbreath told the Dothan Eagle:


We found four pit bulls tied to four different trees. They were just skin and bones. They were chained to a tree with a large, heavy chain. The heavy chains on the dogs restricted them so they could hardly move.

The chilling discovery continued inside the house, where they found a dead, half-eaten Pit bull. Lt. Culbreath coninued, “the one inside got hungry enough to eat the other dog.”


The couple were charged with animal cruelty and a felony, and were both taken to Henry County Jail. Culbreath mentioned:


It was a very terrible sight. In 23 years this is the worst animal cruelty case I’ve ever seen. This goes beyond animal cruelty. It’s torture.

In the U.S., most cases of animal cruelty and neglect are charged as a simple misdemeanour offense.


You can sign a petition or make a donation to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, who are fighting to give fair sentences to people who abuse and neglect animals.

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