Cop Rushes Over When Kids Point To The Pool, Now Keep Your Eye On The Water

17324 views31 January 2017

For many parents, the local pool is the perfect place to bring kids to cool off from the summer heat, while also spending some time exercising. However, no parent wants to see police at the pool, since it usually means something bad has happened.

So when parents spotted police officer from the Paducah Police Department arrive at the Noble Park Pool in Kentucky on a hot day, they were understandably anxious as they looked around to make sure their children were alright.

The police quickly explained that nothing was wrong, they had actually just wanted to stop by the pool to treat all the kids to some free ice cream.

“The officers held two Cannonball contests — one off the diving board and one in the shallow end of the pool,” The department wrote on their Facebook page. But soon all the kids started begging the officers to show off their cannonball skills.

The kids finally convinced Chief Barnhill and Officer Matt Scheer to cannonball into the pool, and even got Officer Gretchen Morgan to take a turn on the water slide all while wearing their uniforms and work boots.

Watch the entire video below to see the awesome moment these cops decided to cool off and have some fun with children in the community, and please SHARE this with friends on Facebook.

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