She Tells Her Cat To Say “I Love You” But Watch The Cat's Response… My Heart Just Melted, OMG

861 views27 September 2016
I’ve previously said, in my descriptions of other adorable videos, that I prefer to watch videos of parrots over videos of cats because parrots can talk. Talking just makes an animal extra cute (and extra easy to connect with). Now, though, I might have to include cats in my rankings of favorite animal videos. Why? Because cats have now proved that they can talk.

Or, at least, this little guy has done so. Meet Panda, an amazing, and amazingly cute, cat. His owner absolutely adores him, and he feels just the same way about her. When she says, “I love you” he manages to respond in his own very special way. Keep the volume up high when you click play on this video because, trust me, this is something you’re going to want to hear.

This blew my mind. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’ll set your head spinning. Share away, people!

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