HYSTERICAL! I Wondered Why My Cat NEVER Used Her Cat Door… Now I Know!

4063 views23 September 2016
When these two Huskies would sneak off, their pet parent wondered what baby boy Smokey and girl Darling Darla were always up to. Turns out, they had discovered their new favorite game, and it involved standing on opposite sides of the cat door. Watch them in action — I couldn’t stop laughing!

Don’t worry, there’s no mean teasing going on, these two Huskies are truly the best of friends. And no dog was left out in the cold… they play this game all the time! The only one “left out in the cold” is the cat, who now has to come in through the window when her door is occupied by these two goofballs! They hog her cat door all the time, just so they can play this game!

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Source = littlethings

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