Cat Brings Home A Baby Bunny One Morning. Then Family See Her Feeding Her ‘Little One’

685 views07 January 2017

Once a momma, always a momma. That mothering instinct is always there. That doesn’t mean, though, that you always have to care for babies that are the same species as you. Take Snaggle Puss for example. Snaggle Puss has taken charge of a little bunny named Bubbles. Sadly, Bubbles lost her mother when his was very young.

At the time, Snaggle Puss had her own litter of kittens and decided that one more wasn’t going to make much difference! So, Snaggle Puss collected Bubbles and raised him! Once you see this new family together – you can see how it was any easy choice for Snaggle Puss!

All her babies are the same size, and they all fit perfectly together in the nesting box! Share away, people!

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