They Took Their Cat To The Park. Immediately People Started Recording It (VIDEO)

1350 views17 September 2016

When you’re a cat, you can have fun in many ways. You can chase a laser pointer, bounce a ball around, or attack random objects you see around the house. Or, if you’re like this 14-year-old cat, you can go to the park with your family and have a fun ride on the swings! That’s right!

This cat’s unique hobby involves going on a walk to the park, being placed in a swing, and getting pushed nice and high! He loves it so much that his mouth is constantly open in a big smile of joy while he’s swinging. He looks around him and takes in the sights and sounds, truly revelling in the added vantage point that the swing brings. That’s one great way to take in the scenery!

This senior cat proves that age is just a number, and you’re never too old for a little fun! Besides, this kitty is definitely very young at heart! Remember to like and share away!


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