Can You Find The Dog Hidden Among The Cows? 98% Of People Can’t Find It.. Can You?

2547 views23 December 2016
People are in love with these puzzles! Mystery and puzzle-solving are a huge part of how we function in day-to-day life. Puzzles and brain teasers are a great way to challenge the mind. Word games, optical illusions, and other brain tests can provide a mental workout and spark some friendly competition between friends, and the trickier they are, the more fun they are to play!

Games of all types have been very popular with people for centuries. One type of game that seems to appear frequently on social media is a hidden object search. This is a game where you are presented with an image. You must then discover various objects hidden cleverly within the image.

A new hidden object game is capturing the attention of some people online. The game is just a single image. Created by the Tama company, this large group of cattle are hiding a confused looking dog. The image is of a grid of cartoon cows. Every cow is a little different making the image seem like a jumbled mess. The challenge is to find the face of a cartoon dog between all of the cows. Just scanning the cartoon image is often enough to reveal the dog in a just a few seconds. There is only one dog to find in the image. The similar art style, markings, and colors on the cows makes this image particularly tricky, and many people give up before they’ve found the hidden pooch to peek at the answer!

Can you find the Dog hidden among the cows in this brain teaser? Most people can't seem to be able to find it.

Did you find the dog ? Take the poll in this video at 0:0:55 or comment below...

Can You Find The Dog Hiding In This Herd Of Cows? Can You Find The Hidden Dog Amongst This Herd Of Cows? Can You Find The Dog Hidden Among The Cows? Most People Can't. Can You Spot The Dog Hidden Among This Herd Of Cows? Only A Tiny Percentage Of People Can Spot The Dog Amongst These Cows.

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