Brave dog survives being mutilated by Bucharest Butcher

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Brave dog survives being mutilated by the Bucharest Butcher and is set for a new life in Britain after its LEG was hacked off, its teeth pulled out and TAIL snapped off by animal attacker who still roams free 

  • The dog, named Spirit, was left for dead in the freezing cold in Bucharest
  • She was found in the same spot where three puppies were brutally killed 
  • Incredibly the eight-year-old German Shepherd survived emergency surgery
  • She is set to be brought to the UK, where charity chiefs hope to rehome her 
  • Calls are mounting for stronger legislation to protect dogs against cruelty

A mutilated German Shepherd had her leg hacked off, teeth removed and tail snapped off by a brutal attacker, who sexually abused her before leaving her for dead on the streets of Bucharest.

Horrified animal campaigners uncovered the catalogue of cruelty in the Romanian capital, where they also found three puppies had been brutally killed in the same street days earlier.

One had been cut in half, one had its skull caved in and the other had been disemboweled.

TV presenter Anneka Svenska, who joined a team from charity the International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA), told MailOnline: 'It was awful, it was very hard to see that.

'To have that in front of you was harrowing, we were all in shock. I couldn't believe someone could do that, especially the way she had been sexually violated.'

She said she had been reduced to tears by the abuse suffered by the German Shepherd, who has been named Spirit.

The cruel Bucharest Butcher sexually assaulted the eight-year-old stray with a knife, before leaving her alone in the snow. 

Spirit was discovered the following morning by a woman who thought she was being targeted because she regularly feeds strays in her neighbourhood.

Anneka said authorities are powerless to act in cases of extreme cruelty, and voiced fears that Spirit's attacker will go unpunished.

'It's important he's caught, he's obviously a psychopath. People who do things like this are dangerous, he's obviously incredibly unstable.

'It's really important that the Romanian police take this seriously.' 

Incredibly the animal, who is eight years old, survived her ordeal after lifesaving emergency surgery at vet centre Dog Rescue Romania.

And she is set for a new life in Britain once she has recovered enough to travel.

Anneka said: 'She's a lovely dog, even after what's happened she's very trusting around humans.' 

The woman who found her bleeding in the street thought Spirit had been 'carefully placed' in order to warn her to stop feeding strays.

Anneka, 43, said she spoke to the woman who found Spirit. In the days before, she had found the three killed dogs, and was shocked at the barbarity she had seen.

'She was shaking, there were tears running down her face,' Anneka said.

Anneka joined IAPWA founder Nicky Stevens, 41, and author Amanda Leask, 46, to find out out the stray animal crisis facing Romania.

Sadly the abuse they discovered is not isolated.

Anneka stated: 'The vet said they see this kind of thing all the time, it's not a one off. They get horrific victims of abuse and they can't do anything about it.' 

It is estimated that there are more than 60,000 feral dogs in Bucharest alone, a hangover from the Communist years, when people were forced to move into apartment blocks.

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