Brave 5-Year-Old Fought Off A Rattlesnake That Was About To Kill His Dog

7167 views26 January 2017

Most pet owners say they’d do anything for their beloved animals, but one 5-year-old Santa Barbara boy went above and beyond when he realized his four-legged best friend was in trouble.

Lennon Knox was out playing in the backyard with his dog Sunshine when he noticed a rattlesnake next to his dog. “The snake went to go bite Lennon’s dog Sunshine and Lennon pushed Sunshine out of the way and got bit by the snake instead,” said Lennon’s mom, Amy.

Lennon saved Sunshine, but his bravery left him fighting for his life after getting a severe bite to his right toe. Amy rushed out when she realized what happened, killed the snake, and rushed Lennon to the hospital when he began foaming at the mouth.

Once at the hospital, Lennon was given 35 vials of antivenom, and luckily, he responded well to treatment.

“They said for sure if the snake had bit his dog she wouldn’t be with us so Lennon really took one for his dog. He is a hero,” said Knox about her son, who was excited to go home and be reunited with Sunshine.

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