Baby Is Only The Second Of Her Kind Born In 128 Years. Wait Til You See Her Mom...

18984 views09 September 2016
Back in May, one endangered rhino’s life changed forever.

The International Rhino Foundation announced that one of its Sumatran rhinos, Ratu, birthed a beautiful female calf — the second new calf born into this species, in Indonesia and in captivity, in over 128 years!

Ratu, an Indonesia-based rhino, lives at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary, and was also responsible for the first calf born in captivity after this period that was more than a century long. Her son, Andatu, was born back in 2012.

Ratu’s little calves have each entered this world as more than just new adorable baby animals.

As IRF Executive Director Dr. Susie Ellis told LittleThings, “Sumatran rhinos are the most endangered large mammal on the planet because of their rapid rate of decline.

“They were just declared extinct in the wild in Malaysia, and now exist only in Indonesia. Ratu’s calf has just increased the population by one percent — while this won’t save the species, it’s one more Sumatran rhino on Earth.”

For some, Ratu’s calves have sparked beautiful new hope for these struggling creatures. Scroll through below to see how this wonderful news stands to impact the entire Sumatran rhino species, and then watch the video to witness this miraculous birth!

Source : The Dodo

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