Bikers Escort Teen With Down Syndrome To His First Day Of High School

584 views12 February 2017
On his first day of high school, Sean Maehrer, got an unlikely escort that was life changing! Sean has Down Syndrome, and his family was worried that he would be bullied at school. IT was a new start, Sean was going to be a freshman at a high school in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

His mother reached out for help 48 hours before Sean’s first day of school on Facebook. Word about their concerns spread quickly.

Then on September 1, 2015, dozens leather-clad bikers showed up at Sean’s house to escort him to school. Several local motorcycle clubs that were known for supporting U.S. veterans and troops had heard about the post on Facebook and rallied together to come help support Sean.

As the bikers rode on to Sean’s street, neighbors peeked out of their windows to see Sean meet his new friends.

Despite all the leather, muscle, and tattoos, the men and women of the biker’s clubs are gentle and kind people – but can be very intimidating to look at!

The bikers were sending a message to any would-be bullies at Sean’s new school. Who is going to mess with a kid who has a gang of bikers as friends?

They also wanted Sean to be seen as one of the coolest kids at school. Sean’s parents were speechless! They never dreamed Sean’s first day would be so memorable. Sean was given a customized motorcycle helmet.

The support and kindness didn’t just stop after the first day! The bikers attend Sean’s soccer games and cheer him on!

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