Pit Bull Puppy Abandoned After 1000′s Of Bee Stings Needs A Loving Home

967 views27 September 2016
No matter what, seeing an abandoned animal is heartbreaking. Especially dogs. All they do is love and for someone to leave them behind is enough to make you want to scream. An even worse situation is to abandon an animal who is in desperate need of medical care. In Michigan, that is exactly what happened.

A young pit bull mix puppy, Stinger, was stung all over his body be hundreds of ground bees, and he had an allergic reaction.

Many dogs that don’t have allergies will swell and get sore. But this puppy’s body erupted in sores all over.

His owners brought him to the vet, and he was given antibiotics, but unfortunately, he was allergic to that too.

His owners left him because they thought he was too much to handle at this point. Carri Shipala from LuvnPupz took Stinger in and cared for him.

LuvnPupz is a rescue organization that specialized in caring for puppies in need, like Stinger. Shipala wasn’t going to give up on Stinger.

So far, Stinger has recovered enough to drink and eat on his own, but he still has a long way to go.

Stinger also has a severe case of scabies, which was probably made worse by the bee stings.

Stinger is currently being cared for at the Allegan Veterinary Clinic because scabies is highly contagious. In 30 days, Stinger will be evaluated to see if he is adoptable.

Shipala is hopeful someone will offer Stinger a forever home. Good Luck, Stinger! Feel better soon!

Share away, people and lets help this darling find his real forever loving home.


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