This Baby Suddenly Becomes So Excited That The Cat Is Left Completely Confused!

1559 views 22 September 2016

Okay let’s assume that you’re sitting beside a calm baby and just all of a sudden, you know, out of the blue, the baby starts becoming excited! What would you do or how would you feel? I know that for once, you will be completely clueless as to what’s going on and if the baby saw something you didn’t! Yep that’s exactly what this cat was feeling when his baby brother started becoming excited all of a sudden!

This cat was baby sitting his baby brother when out of nowhere the baby started kicking his legs in complete excitement! The cat had his paws on the baby, but that didn’t work, so the cat is nothing but confused as to how to handle the situation and just hoped for the best!

Take a look at the expression on his confused kitty’s face!

Adorable and hilarious at the same time, right? Yes looks like this cat needed his person to intervene and help him out a bit because he had no idea what’s happening! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

Source = heroviral

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