Mom Catches Her Babies Sleeping After A Big Meal. But Watch When The Camera Pans Left...

5651 views24 September 2016

Brenda Langley loves dogs, and she just so happens to live on a large enough plot of land that she had the ability to open up a doggy daycare if she wanted. And she wanted. So she got all the proper certifications and started Lucky Puppy, which is a one hundred percent cage free doggy daycare facility. This video was filmed at Lucky Puppy on Easter.

The dogs had a good time, and they all ate a bunch of Easter food, or so we can assume. Either that or they had a long, hard day of playing on Lucky Puppy’s 13 acres of Michigan land. Either way, they needed a nap. And once they lay down, Brenda filmed this video of her living room being absolutely filled with sleeping dogs and puppies.

That looks like heaven on Earth to me for any serious dog lover! Don’t you think? Share away, people!

Source = heroviral

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