They Adopted An Abused Pit Bull Called Lou, And One Night The Pit Bull Did This

2309 views27 September 2016
This is the story of a family that was saved from a fire because of their pit bull. Makes you cry, right? Contrary to the popular misconception that pit bulls are dogs that are vicious and violent, this is an evidence of how much a pit bull exhausted himself to save his lovely family. When the fire started early in the morning at 04:30, the family of four was fast asleep in their house. Even Lou the pit-bull was sleeping, but he was woken up by a burning smell.

Lou shook himself awake and ran to where his nose led him. When he found out there was a fire, he started barking loudly. Shocked and scared, the family noticed that the fire was coming through the door at a drastic speed. Thanks to the timely angelic help, the family was safe and although they lost everything else in the house, they can’t thank god enough for bringing the pit bull into their family.
And, as they put it, the bigger irony is that this family saved Lou from his abusive owners. So little love is all they had to give to this pit bull to save their entire family from the fire! Share this post with your friends too.

source = heroviral

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