After His Owner Tossed Him Down A Garbage Chute, The Maintenance Man Saved His Life!

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When a maintenance worker came upon Patrick, he was almost dead. His heartless owner had abandoned him, and left him alone to starve to death.

And, as if that weren't bad enough, his owner even tossed Patrick down the garbage chute, which happened to be twenty-two stories high.

Luckily, for the pitiful dog the maintenance worker happened to find him a mere seconds before he would've been put into a trash compactor.

Patrick was then taken to an animal hospital in Newark, New Jersey by the maintenance man. This is his remarkable story.

Patrick was discovered by a maintenance man in the dumpster. He'd been wrapped up in a garbage bag.

He was horribly undernourished and looked like he was almost dead.

Workers at the Garden State Veterinary Services weren't even sure that he'd make it through the night.

However, Patrick was still very unhealthy. He weighed just nineteen pounds, and his body temperature was so low that it wasn't even registering on the thermometer.

His odds weren't good and each day that he survived was regarded as a triumph.

But he had everybody at the Garden State Veterinary Services cheering him on

And slowly but surely, he began to get better and better.

He began gaining weight and his fur started growing back. Before long, he started looking like a dog again

Patrick was leaving his worst days far behind him.

He even started playing again, just like any other dog!

The hospital's administrator, Patricia Smillie-Scavelli, adopted Patrick.

It took a whole year, but finally Patrick was completely healthy again.

What an unbelievable transformation! Patrick's former owner was found and he was charged with neglect and abandonment, deservedly so! 

The miraculous story of Patrick's recovery is a perfect example of just how important a little love and care is to an animal in need.

What do you think of Patrick's incredible recovery?

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