Abused Dog Who Was Hit By A Car While Scavenging Has Made A Miraculous Recovery

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It’s hard not to wonder why some dogs are born into such unfortunate lives. In Spencer’s short year on Earth, he had already seen his share of pain and suffering.

When the Doberman was found along the side of the interstate in South Carolina, he’d been struck by a car as he hungrily scavenged road kill.

He was taken to a vet called Paws and Claws in Columbia, South Carolina, where it was obvious to staff members that he’d broken his back in the accident.

Among the injuries sustained from getting hit by a car, he had poorly cropped ears — an at-home job — and X-rays revealed a clump of sharp bird bones in his stomach, threatening to tear his gut. Plus, there were gashes on his head and legs that needed to be stitched. It seemed that Spencer had either escaped to the streets from a life of abuse, or he’d been dumped and left to fend for himself.

Paws and Claws enlisted the help of the VCA Animal Specialty Center of South Carolina, who finally had some encouraging news for the down-and-out Dobie. Because he was so young and still had sensation in his legs, they were hopeful that surgery could repair his spine and enable him to walk normally again.

Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs NYC (RDRNYC), heard of Spencer’s story and how he desperately needed care. The rescues in South Carolina could not provide the extensive care and rehabilitation that he needed, so O’Sullivan promised to help.

“He looked broken in half, but he had a strong will to live. He was giving kisses, he was eating,” she said in a story by Dogster. “He had every reason to live.”

The first order of business was to get the pup’s severed spine repaired while he was still in South Carolina, then they’d treat his other injuries, one by one.

Meanwhile, O’Sullivan posted pictures of Spencer, along with his story, on the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Facebook page. The dauntless Dobie gained such a following, they decided to create a page just for him! There, the pup’s thousands of fans could watch Spectacular Spencer‘s journey to recovery.

“So many people wanted to know about him, he actually crashed our website,” O’Sullivan told Dogster.

Spencer’s back surgery was successful, and another small miracle occurred when vets realized that the ball of bones in his stomach was safely passing through on its own.

When he was well enough, he was taken to the West Hills Animal Hospital & Emergency Center on Long Island in New York, for rehabilitation… right near O’Sullivan!

Despite all he’s been through, the optimistic pup seems to enjoy his physical therapy and all the love and attention that accompanies his sessions. He quickly progressed from walking with full support, to using a sling, to getting around all on his own! With his new lease on life, there is nothing that Spencer loves more than playing with his toys… except the love from humans, of course!

According to Dogster, O’Sullivan is now accepting applications for Spencer’s adoption.

“He’s a young, happy, otherwise healthy, great dog. He is ready to have a great life,” she said in the story.

We’re rooting for you, Spencer! Thanks to everyone who refused to give up on this pup — we know you’ll help him find the perfect forever home!

For more information, visit the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC website , and follow Spencer’s Facebook page. If you’d like to donate to RDRNYC, click here.

(h/t: Dogster)

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