Abused Dog Cries After They Stroked Her For The First Time

6894 views30 December 2016
If you’re an animal lover, this video is definitely going to break your heart so proceed with caution. When a woman tries to give this dog a pet, the previously abused animal cries in terror. It’s awful to think about what could have happened to cause this dog to exude a paralyzing fear of human contact. In this heart breaking video, the terrified dog cries at the top of it’s lungs and cowers in a corner.

A caretaker tries to console the animal by gently giving the dog his first pet, but the pup is so frightened of being hurt again that he defensively nips the woman’s hand while screeching and whimpering at a high volume.

  Any creature is fully aware of what is happening to them and can experience trauma just as easily as humans can. According to The Humane Society of The United States and pets-abuse.com, 70 percent of the animal abuse reports made in 2011 involve poorly treated dogs. This, of course, can have long lasting effects on an animals behavior.

It’s heartbreaking to realize that this dog can hardly recognize a gentle gesture, and it’s quite clear that the animal was negatively treated in the past. 

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