A Neighbor Hears The Pup's Panicked Cries For Help, What Happens Next Is An Absolute Battle To Survive!

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Four years ago, the rescue of a Labrador Retriever named Charlie took place in Theresa, New York. Just this past weekend the dramatic video of the dog's rescue went viral and you're about to see why!

A yellow Labrador Retriever has ventured out onto a dangerously ice-covered river and fallen through into the bitterly cold Indian River in Theresa, New York.

He struggles to pull himself out again, but to no avail. Fortunately, a nearby neighbor hears the pup's panicked cries and makes a call to the Theresa Fire and Indian River Ambulance Rescue for help.

Once the crew arrived at the scene.

"Hang in there Buddy! Hang in there!" yells one of the first responders to the frightened pup.

The responder, named Jeff, zips up his red, waterproof, thermal suit and prepares to go in to rescue the dog.

He steps onto the ice, with a rope tied around his waist.

"Get on your belly," yells one of the other responders.

So, Jeff lies down flat upon the ice.

The Lab lets out a soul shattering shriek!

"Get goin'! The dog is in the water. It's not over your head."

As Jeff gets closer to the dog, his frantic wailing becomes even more desperate.

Jeff gets close enough to the pup to touch him.

"Talk to him, Jeffrey. Talk to him!"

"Grab him. Get a hold of him!"

The crew provides Jeff with guidance and encouragement.

"All righty! There you go. There you go!"

Then, Jeff gets a firm grasp on the freezing pup.

"Same way you came, back Jeff. Same way you came, back Jeff."

Jeff gets the dog back safely and places him on the solid ice. But the dogs legs splay, and he's unable to stand up.

"Jeff, I've got the rope. Jeff."

Then, Jeff lays down right beside the dog, and pulls him close in an embrace. They're both pulled across the ice back to safety.

Now, the battle to save the Lab from hypothermia begins...

Take a look at the video below to see the brave first responders as they rescue the dog from the frigid water and then work madly to warm him up in the ambulance as they head out to get the pup more medical attention. 

The dog is fighting hypothermia, which is a medical condition that happens whenever a body is unable to maintain its normal temperature. A depression of the central nervous system (CNS) occurs.

It may affect the heart and blood flow (cardiovascular), and also breathing (respiratory) as well as the immune system. With hypothermia, an irregular heartbeat, trouble breathing, and a loss of consciousness, causing coma could result.

There are three phases to hypothermia: mild with a body temp. of 90-99 degrees F, moderate with 82-90 degrees F, and severe with a body temp. of less than 82 degrees F. 

The way things look in the video, this dog is probably between medium and severe hypothermia.

Charlie, the rescued dog, was treated overnight for hypothermia at a local veterinary practice and thanks to the determination and dedication of the first response team, Charlie made a full recovery! 

Wow! What an unbelievable rescue! What do you think about these wonderful men and what they did for Charlie?

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What a happy ending to what could have been a tragic story!

Everyone loves a happy ending, so let's spread the smiles!

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