A Labrador Named Millie LOVES Her Adopted Baby Squirrel And Their Playtime Together!

1083 views04 February 2017
How is it, that some animals seem to feel compassion, even empathy for other animals while others feel no sympathy or compassion at all? Where is this behavior learned?

Many people believe that it's innate, basically the animals are just born compassionate or kindhearted. Aside from that, I think that even if that is true, the family that the animal is living with, helps to play a vital role in establishing those feelings as well.

If a pet is treated compassionately and lovingly, they have the benefit of having learned those feelings beforehand. Don't you agree? For instance, if a dog owner trains their pet to bite, it will.

On the other hand if a dog is trained with love to be kind and gentle no matter what or who they come into contact with, they, in turn, will be kind and gentle, right? 

The family that owns Millie the Labrador is a perfect example of a loving family. They've done a fantastic job of teaching Millie to be kind and gentle. And what she does to prove this has surprised everyone in her family as well as animal lovers all over the world!

After finding an abandoned baby squirrel on the ground and looking everywhere for its mother, only to realize that she wasn't coming back, Millie's family decided to take care of the orphaned baby themselves, at least until it was strong enough to be set free, back into the wild. When Millie found out about the baby, this was her reaction!

The family assures everyone that Millie is absolutely crazy in love with the baby squirrel.

She's extremely gentle around him and as if that wasn't enough, she even guards her tiny charge while he sleeps!

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