7-Week-Old Puppy Was Tied Up In A Bag And Dumped In Garbage Because He Only Has Two Legs

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Puppies are adorable but they’re also quite a handful, so when one newborn puppy’s owner realized he was born without his front to legs, they couldn’t be bothered to give their time or effort to give him a normal life.

Instead of just surrendering the precious seven-week-old puppy to a shelter, the cruel person tied him up in a bag and tossed him in the garbage as if he was just a piece of trash. “You have to prop him up when he has to pee or poop. Puppies can be challenging on a good day. I think the combination is probably why but regardless, it is inexcusable,” said Joan Znidarec, president of The Dog Rescuers Inc.

Thankfully, some women who were out walking in Toronto heard something rustling in the garbage and found him just in time. They brought him to the Dog Rescuers and he quickly stole the team’s heart, which is why they decided to name him Cupid. “His name is so appropriate in so many ways,” Znidarec said. “Not only does he have a heart-shaped nose but he captures everybody’s hearts in seconds.”

Aside from the obvious birth defect, the team was heartbroken when they saw that Cupid’s tail was mutilated and looked as though someone tried to cut off his tail with scissors. Despite everything, however, Cupid never lost his smile. “He is absolutely hilarious,” Znidarec says. “He is sassy and funny and animated. His foster family has dogs and he is ruling the roost. He is absolutely sweet.”

“He is going to be outfitted for his legs next week. We’ve already done the casting and molds to make them,” Znidarec said. “It’s a fabulous Toronto company and all they do is prosthetics for dogs. He gets his legs next Thursday.” Yet until then, Cupid is loving all the extra affection from his foster family who carries him everywhere.”Our biggest issue right now is they won’t put him down,” Znidarec says. “They carry him everywhere.”

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