7 Newborn Puppies Left To Die In Dumpster Saved By Cop During Snowstorm

259 views31 December 2016

When Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer Scott Charleswood responded to a call one stormy winter's night, he wasn't expecting to be the one to save the lives of seven abandoned pups.

The new born puppies had been left to die in a garbage bag, stuffed into a dumpster.

A natural animal lover, the officer began searching frantically through the bags of trash when he heard one little puppy's cry.

"I took them one at a time back to the car and wrapped them in [my] jacket and cranked the heat up in my car." He told WTTV.

The tiny babies were nearly freezing when he rushed them to the local animal rescue shelter. Staff at Every Dog Counts Rescue stayed awake throughout the night to nurse the puppies with bottles.

These dogs were so young their eyes aren't even open yet. If it hadn't been for Officer Charleswood, they likely wouldn't have survived the night.

No one is sure exactly what kind of dogs these are, but the rescue center believes they might be either Pit Bull, Australian Kelpie or Australian Cattle Dog mixes.

Even though the puppies won't be available for adoption for at least 10 weeks, one lucky little guy or girl could get a forever home with their rescuer.

 Officer Charleswood already has two rescue dogs - including one he recovered from a homicide scene - and he's considering adding a third to his family.

"You've seen these puppies in their worst time," he said, "and you would like to see them get to the point where they're raised up, nice, healthy, happy dogs."


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