50,000 Greyhounds Brutally Killed: Brigitte Bardot Writes To The King Of Spain And Launches A Petition

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We recently told you about the horrific massacre of around 50,000 greyhounds after the hunting season in Spain is over. Once these hunting dogs, known as Galgos, are no longer considered “useful”, thousands of them are abandoned or worse yet, killed in the most barbaric ways.


On February 5th, French actress and former model, Brigitte Bardot, appealed to the Spanish government for the abolition of such a savage and cruel practice.

In a letter to King Felipe VI and the Spanish government, the actress wrote (translated from French):


I have received an enormous amount of mail condemning this abomination, comparing the horrific fate of these Galgos to the atrocious massacre of baby seals in Canada and begging me to use my fame to expose this scandal which, indeed, evokes the same violent suffering and injury caused to these animals by humankind.

Brigitte Bardot has already appealed to the Spanish Agricultural Minister in 1998 and then directly to King Juan Carlos 1st in 2009 to abolish this atrocity. But her efforts were unsuccessful.


At the time, her pleas fell on deaf ears as the authorities did not want to upset the “galgueros”, the resolute and harsh hunters who use these poor greyhounds and then “dispose” of them.

“A dreadful, slow, agonising death.”


Hung, lynched, forced to die of thirst or hunger, thrown down wells or off cliffs, burned alive… These are just a few of the barbaric ways that the hunters “get rid of” their Galgos, whom they no longer deem “valuable”.


For some of the hunters, they simply refuse to spend money on keeping them alive until the following season. In an interview with French TV channel France 2, Brigitte Bardot was in utter outrage at their “dreadful, slow and agonising deaths”.

The actress went on to say:


It’s disgraceful for a country like Spain to be doing this. It’s disgraceful for human beings to be doing this. It’s a disgrace for all of humanity. I beg you all to become aware of these atrocious acts of barbarity and to do all that you can so that this stops right away, this very instant.


Petition to the Spanish government


The Brigitte Bardot Foundation have also launched a petition calling for the abolition of this massacre of thousands of Galgos every year. Please click here and sign it, it will only take a few seconds and can save these poor dogs’ lives.


Share this post so that as many people as possible can help us in our fight! This tragic situation has little chance of taking flight if we don’t have a strong, international backing.

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