3-Month-Old Dog Likely Left Paralyzed For Life After Being Shot By A Beast

726 views25 February 2017

See this puppy? She was shot and then abandoned. The puppy has been named “Grace.” Her life has been forever changed, she is now paralyzed. The rescue organization called Angel’s Hope found her and rescued her. They shared a post on February 11 saying that Grace is only about three months old and has pneumonia. Grace was found with some siblings.

The vets were able to remove the bullet and some damaged bone. Grace will need a mobility cart and a home without any steps. She will also need to have her bladder expressed since she lost control due to her injuries. If you can, please consider making a donation to help pay her medical expenses.

Spread the word, Grace and her siblings will need loving homes. Do you know someone who can be patient and love Grace? Maybe that someone is you.

Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]

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