3 Men Arrested For Savagely Beating And Stabbing Lost German Shepherd

5916 views10 February 2017

Okay so here goes. In China, it’s not only dogs and cats who are at risk, tigers are also in danger in this country. Now tiger bone wine was make illegal in 1993, but that didn’t stop some people in China to allow the production of bones from tigers to use them as tonic wine. Approximately 5,000 tigers are kept captive in China and as if that’s not horrifying enough, the number of pure tigers have decreased from 10,000 to 4,000 in a century’s time.

In China people think that tiger bone tonic wine had medicinal properties and they believe it can cure anything from muscle pain to rheumatism, arthritis and stimulate blood flow. In traditional Chinese medicine, this has been used for many decades. Although China has promised to stop tiger poaching, it is doing absolutely nothing about this barbaric tradition.

You can see how these poor tigers are treated and worse, they’re caged up in small cages which barely gives them room to move. Then bone destruction begins. Please China, stop this. Save animals. SHARE so we can force them to stop this cruelty.

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