3 Men Arrested For Savagely Beating And Stabbing Lost German Shepherd

2494 views10 February 2017
Three men in Greene County, Tennessee savagely beat and stabbed Smokey, a 7-year-old German shepherd. Hector Mendoza, 25, Luis Mendoza, and Francisco Flores, 32, had allegedly chained Smokey and took turns beating him.

Police arrived on the scene after being called to the apartment for a drunk and disorderly by a neighbor. All three men were covered in blood according to the police.

Officers called the Greene County Humane Society to come help rescue Smokey

Smokey had run away from home after being frightened by a thunderstorm. Elaine Darnell, Smokey’s owner, had been out looking for him after he had jumped over the fence in his backyard.

After having surgery to fix the cuts to his face, body, and neck, Smokey is back at home with Elaine. He is expected to make a full recovery.

The three men are being held in the Greene County Detention Center.

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