200 Miles Into The Trip, He Hears Barking Coming From The Front Of His Car

10274 views 09 September 2016
When you see those types of rescues, the first thing that you notice is that those people were there in that time for a reason, the reason is saving an innocent life. If those men were not there, this dog would be dead by now.
In China’s Hunan Province, a man was on his way and drove about 200 miles, but he was surprised when he suddenly listened to barks, coming from the front of his car. It was surprising, and it was weird, so he stepped out of the car to investigate, and he was totally shocked to see a dog! He couldn’t believe his eyes!

The man found a dog in his bumper, the dog was stuck in it, and all his barks was just to let the man know that he is alive, and he is in need for help.
The driver said that he was driving so fast, but the truth that he had revealed was unbelievable, he was driving, he hit a dog, he thought he was dead or ran away, he didn’t get out to check on him, but he didn’t imagine that the dog is stuck in the bumper of his car.

The man took the dog immediately to the veterinarian, he drove about 248 miles from where he hit the dog, and after all the essential treatments, the man decided to adopt the puppy, because as he said, this accident moved him.
The dog escaped from a great danger, the man hurt him and saved him in the same time, I am very thankful that he noticed the dog, but he should’ve stepped out of the car from the first moment he hit that dog.
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Source : petsfans.com

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