100-Year-Old Grandpa Clutches Dying Wife’s Hand During Final Moments Together

219 views10 February 2017

Some married couples have been together for so long they can finish each other’s sentences. They can communicate with just a glance. The two work and live together so well they make marriage look easy! After sharing your life with someone for several decades, they become an extension of you.

Many couples that share an intimate, loving relationship that spans years will sometimes leave this earth at nearly the same time too. These latest photos were posted on Reddit. The photos are of an elderly man and woman holding hands.

The couple’s granddaughter wrote that her grandfather is 96, and her grandmother is 100. The lovebirds have been married for 77 years.

Her grandmother passed away over the weekend. We hope the man pictured all the best as his continues on without his beloved wife.

One explanation for how a married couple that has celebrated more than 50 anniversaries die within hours of each other is known as broken heart syndrome.

It is a medical condition caused by extreme grief and stress over the loss, or serious illness of a loved one. Jim and Cindy Mininni are just one example. After being diagnosed with cancer, Jim wasn’t given much time to live. His wife suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized. The couple was put int the same hospital room, and they held hands as Jim passed.

Another couple, John and Bernice Mullins were also hospitalized and stayed in the same room. Being together allowed them to comfort each other. They were both discharged and got to spend a beautiful month together.

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